rewardStyle for Brands

Within rewardStyle, how can I tell who the “RPIs” or “Revenue Producing Influencers” are?

Short Answer

You have to pay to find out. $1000 — $2500 monthly with a minimum of 3 months, depending on how many influencers you want data for.

I work as the Director of Marketing at an e-commerce shop for women’s clothing. Check us out on Instagram @cladandcloth and our store online at

In the women’s fashion industry, influencer marketing is powerful. Female consumers want to know that what they are getting is a reputable product. Influencers have power with their audience to convince the consumer.

The demand for rewardStyle is high — the LTK (LikeToKnowIt) App and use of rewardStyle links for commission-driven swipe ups is required to look legit to the influencers.

Influencers get commission for any sale attributed to them, but then as the influencer marketing team you look at the dashboard. What do you see?

rewardStyle Dashboard

You get a number of RPIs. No breakdown of the attribution to the influencer. In essence, this provides no more insight than your Affiliate Program’s tracking (Commission Junction, LinkTrust, Rakuten, etc.)

Now if you do pay, you unlock the following, provided monthly:

Per Influencer: Sales/GMV, Number of Orders, Clicks, AOV, Conversion Rate, & Main region of influence (clicks)

High Level: Top 10 Products Sold through rewardStyle

So when deciding whether to sign up for rewardStyle as a brand, it is important to consider the cost required to get enough data to make educated decisions.

Quant-marketing mindset.

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